Can you give me names and numbers of who will deliver soil and compost in southern Maine?


Can you give me names and numbers of folks in the state, who will deliver soil, compost, humus or a blend to sea and soil amendments to me in southern Maine? I am looking for 5 to 12 yards delivered to Yarmouth.


Tori Lee Jackson, Extension Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Androscoggin and Sagadahoc Counties

Extension does not maintain a list of every local supplier of these materials, but you can find a listing of local garden centers by entering your location and searching the Plant Something Maine website.

Here is a list of commercial composters you could also contact, Commercial Compost Suppliers in Maine (PDF)

One more resource to consider when deciding whom to purchase from is Bulletin #2283, Tips for Purchasing Soil for Gardens and Landscape Projects.