Will my Baptisia shoots grow back?


I have asked several questions over the past few years about my blue indigo Baptisia plant. I always appreciate your responses. New shoots are just beginning to emerge this year. I have about 12 that I have counted. Unfortunately, my dog just dug in the area where the baptisia grows and damaged about half of the shoots, snapping the little emerging tips right off. I do not believe there is any damage to the plant beneath the soil. Is this permanent damage to those shoots that were starting to grow or will they grow back?


Kate Garland, Horticultural Professional

Baptisia australis (blue wild indigo) is a terrific plant. I’m sorry to hear your dog got into it, but am happy to share that the prognosis is good if your pup didn’t dig below the soil surface. Healthy well-established herbaceous perennials that suffer unintentional “pruning” from nibbling critters, wild dogs or frolicking kids generally rebound as long as the growing points (typically right at the soil line or just below the soil line for most species) weren’t damaged.