What’s the best way to keep my “Knock Out” roses from falling over?


Knock out rosesI have two “Double Knock Out Rose” bushes that are in their second year enjoying great sun and care. This year the bushes exploded with blooms — hundreds. It was lovely to cut and share, but the branches became weighted down, falling to the ground. I have noted that I shouldn’t prune them back for three seasons. Is that true? I would like to do something to maintain their robustness while preventing them from falling over. I did fence them in, but was hoping there was another alternative.


Liz Stanley, Community Education Assistant, Horticulture

Glad you like your Knock Out Roses®. If you had a hard rain during or after bloom, they tend to lodge like many other plants since they take up so much moisture. Some growers have good luck keeping this from happening with minimalist peony rings. The black ones are almost invisible.

Knock Out Roses FAQs: This website has very good information about care, including some information about pruning. I would not hesitate to do some deadheading and pruning, but prune no more than 1/3 of the plant, cutting at the junction of another branch to avoid stobs. Avoid pruning (or fertilizing) after mid-summer or the plant may not go into dormancy before winter.

You can find more information at Pruning Woody Landscape Plants.