What are the recommendations for garlic that was planted late?


My question is about garlic, and I’m late in asking it!

For various reasons, I planted some garlic very late this year – maybe in early June. The crop did not reach maturity this past growing season; no scapes emerged, and the bulbs were larger but still single.

I’ve had this garlic for close to 10 years, growing and saving it for replanting; it was initially given to me by a friend and so has some sentimental value. If I’d like the best chance of saving my sentimentally saved garlic, should I leave it in the ground through to next season? Or dig it up and dry it?


Marjorie Peronto, Extension Educator

Our garlic specialist, David Fuller, Agriculture and Non-Timber Forest Products Professional, recommends that you leave the bulbs in the ground, and harvest next year around August 1.  For future reference, here is our bulletin on Growing Hardneck Garlic in Your Maine Garden.