How is sheet mulching done?


Regarding sheet mulching: Should seeds be directly planted in compost or should I dig through the compost into the ground and plant them into the soil below. If in the ground, how deep should I dig?


Abi Griffith, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

The overall idea with sheet mulching (aka lasagna gardening) is that you are establishing a bed and building soil on top of whatever was there before. So, typically, it takes at a minimum six months or more for the layers you have laid down to break down and turn into something you can plant into. If this is the technique you are applying, you are going to be directly sowing your seeds into the decomposed matter laying on top. This is a good article to refer to for more information – sheet mulching. An excerpt: “The bed is “finished” and ready for planting when the layers have decomposed to the point that the original materials are no longer recognizable and it looks and smells like fresh earth.”

Depending on what you are planting, the seed packet should have instructions on how deep the seeds should be planted.