Are felt planters safe to grow vegetables in?


I’m working on a container garden this year. I’ve done some research on what to plant in, and I’ve learned about food safe containers.

I was speaking with someone recently about my tiny garden, and they mentioned that they’d had luck with felt planters. I am wondering it would be safe to plant vegetables in felt planters? 


Abi Griffith, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

I know people who have had success in felt or fabric planters as well, as they drain well and some come with handles so you can move them around and you don’t have to worry about chipping or breaking them. I’m having a hard time finding research based descriptions regarding growing vegetables in them, though many people use them and many are sold to grow vegetables in.  Your best bet on making sure you are using a safe container would be to check what the planters you have selected are made out of. It seems most of these felt and fabric planters are made out of something called geotextiles, which are typically made from polypropylene or polyester. Some pots are additionally labeled BPA free.

Polypropylene is used in food safe containers and some landscape fabric and polyester is what row cover is made of, so I’m making the leap that geotextiles are safe to grow in. You could also ask the manufacturer or seller too.

Growing in a small space can be challenging but also a fun challenge to take on. I’m including some other resources you may find interesting as you plan out your container garden.

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