Do I need to use fungicide or fertilize my River Birch that has leaf spot?


Our River Birch has leaf spot that I noticed at the end of Sept, 2021. It was followed by an early drop of leaves. Would fertilizing the tree help or do we need to spray with a fungicide? And if spraying is recommended, what is the safest product to use?


Abi Griffith, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

According to Clemson Cooperative Extension River Birch Fact Sheet: “Fungal leaf spot diseases may result in early leaf drop during rainy summers. This typically occurs late in the season and usually is not severe enough to warrant fungicide applications.”

That being said, you’ll want to take care to rake up and remove any leaves that may still be in the area, as a general precaution.  If you don’t notice any other significant issues with your birch, generally there is no need to fertilize.