Do you have a Master Gardener Volunteer who would be willing to come and help with garden planning?


We have a piece of land that we are just beginning to make plans for– we want to plant as many native species as possible. I am wondering if a Master Gardener Volunteer would be able to come out to our land to help us walk the site, answer questions, and help us make plans?


Abi Griffith, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

Exciting!  So, we just had to post this on our website, in regards to the Master Gardener Mentorship Program: Due to the high demand of our  program and the need to match recent requests, we’ve closed the Garden Mentor Request Form. The request form will become available again during our next application period: February 1, 2023 to April 30, 2023.

In the meantime, below please find some resources that could help you start planning:
  • Subscribe to the Maine Home Garden News
  • Revisit some of our Webinars on Demand
  • Contact your County Extension office with your gardening questions or follow up more specifically with anything