What is the best way to deal with voles that are getting into your crops?


I think voles are undermining my high bush blueberries. We had problems with them earlier in the spring in our greenhouse, and now there are soft indentations on the lawn around my blueberries. Production this year was way off, compared to previous years. How can I deal with the voles?


Jonathan Foster, Community Education Assistant

Voles can be voracious pests in the home landscape.  Below there are several resources on vole management. We recommend rodenticides only as a last resort, due to their highly lethal impact on other species, but fortunately there are several environmental (e.g., boosting robust plant health, encouraging natural predators) and mechanical intervention techniques (e.g., physical barriers) you can use to mitigate the problem.

Penn State-fact sheet on voles

University of New Hampshire-vole management in blueberries

Wash State University-vole management in home gardens