How can I grow tomatoes without them getting blight or other diseases?


I have raised beds. The last two years my tomato plants, started from seed, have developed what we think is septorium (the fungus. It could be blight, I guess) starting from the lowest leaves and moving up the plant till all the plants are decimated. I have tried using different beds, digging out the soil from the beds, cutting the leaves from the bottom as it travels upward. I tried spraying with copper a few times. Do you have any suggestions so I can grow tomatoes?


Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional

Your challenge with different blights on your tomatoes is pretty common.  First of all Septoria Leaf Spot is pretty common.   Once you have had it then it is all about managing it.  The link I included above from the University of Wisconsin is very gardener friendly.   The thin layer of mulch around the plant (not too deep) will be the best tool and then monitoring it so it doesn’t take over should it occur is a the next line of defense.  In home gardens copper spray tends to happen a little too late to be a huge help.

Cornell has a tomato leaf disease key with great pictures should you encounter something else on the plants as well.  The picture gallery is a big help with identification.