Would you provide advice on controlling grasshoppers and Japanese beetles?


I have experienced an invasion of grasshoppers that have devastated my flower gardens for the last two years. I’ve read NOLO bait is a good product to kill grasshopper eggs but this will not be available to purchase. Can you offer a recommendation?
I would also like advice to deal with Japanese beetles.


Jonathan Foster, Special Project Assistant

I will refer you to this fantastic Univ of Colorado Fact Sheet on Grasshopper Control, which contains a wealth of information on various chemical interventions, as well as NOLO (a brand name for the Nosema locustae protozoan). I have read about supply issues impacting NOLO’s availability, and I’m sorry that I don’t have any information on when that might ease up. Be aware, per the linked resource above, that NOLO works best on young grasshoppers before the population has established, and is often considered a supplementary part of a larger control strategy.

For Japanese beetles, please consult our own UMaine Cooperative Extension fact sheet for advice on control. Intervening at the grub stage is more effective, but they can be removed by hand once reaching adulthood. The resource advocates our old friend, a can of soapy water, but you can also spread sheets or tarps below the affected plants and either vigorously shake or sweep the plant with a broom to dislodge a large number of beetles. They release from the foliage readily.