What are the spiky round growths on my beach roses?


I have attached a photo of my beach roses taken last fall.  Several of the branches have spiky round growths on them.  These branches seem to be dying.   Are you familiar with this problem and to you have any suggested remedies?  

rose gall
Used with permission by the client.


Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional

Your beach roses have Mossy Rose Gall.  (click on unlined blue text to learn more)  This indicates the presence of a tiny wasp.  In reaction to an adult wasp laying an egg the plant “grows” a gall around it to suppress it.  Generally, this doesn’t affect the plant but some consider it unsightly.  This is a “housekeeping” thing, sprays would not really work.  Rake up leaves around the plant in the fall,  and remove the galls where possible in the spring.

Some people actually like the look of them, but then again some people like spiders too!