Is it too cold to plant lettuce when the temperatures have been in the low 30s at night?


I live in the midcoast region. I would like to start planting lettuces, but the temps have been low…30’s at night and 40’s-50’s during the day. Is it still too early/cold or can I plant the seeds? What other cold weather vegetables can I plant now? I will be adding compost and 5-10-5 to the soil.


Liz Stanley, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

It’s not too early to plant lettuce from seed. Follow the instructions on the packet or use one of many seed companies like Johnny’s Selected Seeds for detailed growing instructions.

Rather than adding 5-10-5, it might be best to fertilize after the lettuce has reached a height of about 2″ and the soil has gotten warmer. This way, the nitrogen won’t be flushed through the soil before the plants can use it and you won’t be fertilizing your pathways. You might also want to do a soil test to check your pH and to see what nutrients you might already have.  Here’s a video on how to test your soil.  Soil testing kits are available at our county offices.