Is there a way to keep deer out of the garden space in my yard?


I am having trouble with deer invading the small garden in my yard. I am growing in pots on my deck, but all I have planted in the yard are garlic and onions! Are there any edibles that I can plant which deer don’t like?


Jonathan Foster, Special Project Assistant

I recommend checking out this older post from the Maine Home Garden News, by my colleague and Extension Professor Donna Coffin–it’s an excellent summary of the various approaches to deer dissuasion. Unfortunately for the home gardener, deer are persistent, voracious, athletic mammals who (in my experience) eventually adapt to non-physical deterrents. Fences (usually tall ones, unless the fenced in area is small–deer don’t like to jump over into tiny enclosed spaces) are the only real barrier. That said, Prof. Coffin details, there are a lot of anecdotal reports of other effective techniques, especially in the short run when such a deterrent is novel.