Should I remove a pear tree that produces gnarled fruit?


I have a pear tree that produces gnarled fruit that is impossible to eat. Is this something that can be treated or must I remove the tree? My research leans toward tree removal.


Lynne M. Holland, Horticulture and Social Media Professional

Gnarled pears that are hard (never ripen) can be the symptom of several fungal diseases and even an insect or two including scab which is pretty common.  The only way to know what is affecting the fruit is to see the fruit (sample or photo) when it is ready.   Also look for other symptoms (leaf spots, discoloration etc.)
If you are just tired of the tree then the questions to ask before removal are

1) Age of the tree-a stately tree is a beautiful thing even if the fruit is an issue.

2) Has it always been this way?   If not, did it come on slowly or all at once?

3) What is it worth to fix the problem-an arborist is not cheap but it may be worth bringing an expert in for a consult.