Maine Home Garden News

What is the best soil for growing Lavender?

Question: I am looking for a plot of land in Maine that is suitable for a lavender farm. Do you know where the best land/soil would be for that? And do you have any other tips on what to look for?  Answer: Jonathan Foster, Home Horticulture Outreach Professional Generally, our team works to advise home […]

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What type of shade trees would be suitable to plant beside the ocean?

Question: Recent storms have severely damaged two spruce at our camp. We are at ocean’s edge on granite. The soil is two feet at best in depth. The site increasingly is hit with salt water several times a year. Spruce bud worm has infected the trees that are presently there. Can you recommend another species […]

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Queen Anne's Lace encased in ice

Maine Home Garden News — February 2024

In This Issue: February Is the Month to . . . Growing Microgreens Licensing Requirements for Arborists in Maine Help Track Forest Pests This Winter Backyard Bird: Golden-crowned Kinglet Ash Protection Collaboration Across Wabanakik (APCAW) Book Review: A Northern Gardener’s Guide to Native Plants and Pollinators Maine Weather and Climate Overview (February 2024) Winter Interest […]

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Do our White Pines have root rot and do they need to be removed?

Question: I understand that the wet summer and heavy rains are causing root-rot in the white pines. We have lots of them sitting in marine clay. The clay is oozing up around several in our backyard. I assume the roots are rotting and the tree is at risk of toppling? I guess the trees are […]

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ice-encased cedar bough

Maine Home Garden News — January 2024

In This Issue: January Is the Month to . . . Cultivating Community and Connection at Sweethaven Farm in Seal Cove Invasive Plant Regulations Cardoon Beef Tagine Recipe Backyard Bird – Pine Siskin The Northeast Native Plant Primer: 235 Plants for an Earth-Friendly Garden by Uli Lorimer.  Timber Press, 2022. Maine Weather and Climate Overview […]

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