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Upcoming Dates to Remember

March 9 – 4:30 pm – Leaders’ Meeting via Zoom
April 2 – Deadline for 4-H Leaders’ Association Scholarship
April 3 – Hancock County Food Drive Begins
April 9 – Deadline for Hancock County Homemakers’ Scholarship
April 13 – 4:30 pm – Leaders’ Meeting via Zoom
April 18 – 4:00 pm – Awards Ceremony for Public Speaking Tournament

County News

4-H Photo Contest – Photo Contest Scavenger Hunt- Do you have a photo of your pet that you took this year that is just … well… perfect? Don’t be humble, you know it’s great! You can submit it to this year’s photo contest.

To encourage all 4-Hers to participate in this year’s contest, we are also creating a scavenger hunt based on the categories in the photo contest: animals, nature/landscape, people, architecture, and 4-H activities. There are some suggestions below if you need some inspiration.

Here’s the exciting part: all scavenger hunt participants will receive a ribbon AND a little “door-prize.” If you take a photo of one item in each category, you’ll be submitted into a raffle to win a larger prize. And if you choose to, you can submit any (or all!) of these photos to the 2021 Photo Contest. These photos get judged and the top score in each category gets a cash prize. If that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is! Go out and take some photos — can’t wait to see what you see! More information about the photo contest and deadlines coming soon.

Leaders’ Meeting The next Leaders’ Association meeting will be by Zoom on February 9, at 4:30 pm. Email for the private link.

Photo Contest
2020 Photo Contest – Submitted by Zoe

Current Open Programs – There are many ways to be involved with 4-H.   Check them out to find which interests you!

4-H Scholarships and Grants – Do you know about all of the scholarship opportunities available to Hancock County 4-H’ers and Clubs? This is the time of year to learn about these and apply, some deadlines are approaching in March and April.

College Scholarships | Camp Scholarships | Leadership Scholarships | 4-H Foundation Scholarships for individuals and clubs. Visit our website for details and application materials.

The 2021 4-H Public Speaking Tournament will take place virtually over the weekend of April 16 – 18, 2021. Congratulations to Nayeli, 4-H Independent, for qualifying!  It’s not too late – you can contact Community Education Assistant Emily Mott ( to arrange an individual or alternative qualifier session. More information can be found here.

Style Revue – Style Revue will look different in 2021! Instead of an in-person fashion show, we ask 4-H youth to participate by completing a service project. Participants can choose to sew, knit or crochet. The finished products will be donated to nonprofits and families in need.
Make one item or multiple — participants will have the flexibility to choose and do as much, or as little, as they are able. Projects will not be judged, but all participants will receive a participation ribbon, and those that submit a photo with their creation will be entered into a randomly drawn prize for each category. The more submissions you have, the more likely you’ll win the prize! All submissions are due to the office by May 17th. Projects can include blankets, hats, port protectors, face masks, or another project that uses your sewing/knitting/crocheting talents. Pattern ideas, how-to videos, and more will be posted regularly on our Facebook account and on the website.
We have several supplies available at the Extension Office that you can borrow such as sewing machines, sewing kits, knitting needles, and even some yarn.  If you’re interested contact Joyce at

Paper Clover Campaign April 28 – May 10 at Tractor Supply Co. in Ellsworth – Each Spring and Fall, Tractor Supply helps raise money for 4-H programs with the Paper Clover campaign where customers donate $1 to 4-H at the register. The funds are used for scholarships for camps and leadership events.
You can contribute by donating in the store or donating online at checkout when you make a purchase.

Hancock County Food Drive – is an annual month-long food collection and fundraising project that supports food pantries, free meal programs, and school backpack food programs across Hancock County. With the help of volunteers, these organizations work together to raise funds and collect food, providing critical assistance to Mainers at a time when food insecurity rates are at their highest.

Beginning April 3, 4-H Clubs are encouraged to participate in this county-wide event.  One in five children in Hancock County lives in food-insecure households, which can have lifelong impacts on a child’s physical health, mental health, and education outcomes (Kids Count Data Center). Due to the pandemic, food insecurity rates are expected to increase. By building resources for food assistance programs, the Food Drive helps to ensure that all people in our community have access to nutritious, affordable food. More information to come – Please check out their website.

Our Sympathy – We regret to inform you that our friend and colleague, Joyce Weaver, passed away last week. Joyce was the CEA in Waldo County. She was such a positive woman, dedicated to 4-H and to providing opportunities for youth in her county and beyond. Here is a link to her obituary.  Contact Joyce at for info if you would like to send a card.

Club News

4-H Aquarium Club – The 4-H Aquarium Club members are busy learning and exploring the ins and outs of feeding fish with live worms! In addition to other important topics such as tips for keeping tanks clean and how to monitor water quality….this is a busy group with lots of fun experiences to share. We are loving keeping in touch between meetings with our new platform called “Seesaw”, which is allowing us to share pictures, make comments, post questions, etc. The learning never stops!

4-H Bird Chats 4-H Bird Chats – Did you know that by fluffing their feathers, birds retain more heat? Or that the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird migrates to Central America in the winter — flying nonstop across the Gulf of Mexico? These were facts that the youth in 4-H Bird Chats learned as they discussed what birds did in the winter and how they could help them survive. Enthusiasm is still strong for this bird club and in March, we’ll be talking about how you can identify birds by their song.

Kids Can Grow – Kids Can Grow will not be happening in 2021; however, if you’re interested in starting a garden this year or growing seeds with your children, we will be sending out seeds to families and past Kids Can Grow participants. More information will be available and registration will be open later this month. Follow us on Facebook (@Hancock4H) for updates.

State News

Exciting Upcoming Maine 4-H Virtual Teen Science Cafes
Maine 4-H Virtual Teen Science cafes are back for 2021! The sessions will take place on Tuesdays from 4:00 – 4:45 pm. Pre-registration is required, and registration links are online.  

  • March 2 – Our first session kicks off with John Arimond, whose presentation will focus on wind turbine engineering, UMaine’s wind blade testing, and 3-D Printing Production.
  • March 9 – Tom Rounsville joins us to talk about his field research involving bobcat populations.
  • March 16 – Our guest is Allison Gardiner, a medical entomologist whose research focuses on the ecology of infectious diseases of humans and wildlife that are transmitted by arthropod vectors, such as mosquitoes or ticks.
  • March 23 – Join Sean Birkel of UMaine’s Climate Change Institute, whose research utilizes climate modeling and data visualization to better understand climate variability and future impacts from human activity.
  • March 30 – Colt Knight of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension will talk about pigs and cows – From Farm to Table and Beyond.

2021 4-H Public Speaking Tournament
The 2021 4-H Public Speaking Tournament will take place virtually over the weekend of April 17 – 18, 2021. If you are interested in participating in the Maine 4-H Public Speaking Program and need assistance in any way, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are committed to making 4-H programs accessible to all youth, regardless of internet or technology access.

Family, friends, and the general public who wish to support youth can join us for the Awards Ceremony! The Awards Ceremony will be streamed live via Facebook Live, YouTube, and Zoom on Sunday, April 18, 2021, at 4:00 pm. We encourage you to invite anyone you’d like — there is no limit on attendees!

Questions about the Maine 4-H Public Speaking Program? Contact Sheila Norman, 207.942.7396.

Leaders Meeting Minutes

Present – Lisa Carney, Lee Sargent, Terry Swazey, Heather Linnehan, Lisa Reilich,  and office staff Zabet NeuCollins (5).

Old Business:
Public Speaking – will be virtual this year. No county tournament, but there will be a state tournament in April on the 16th.. There are ongoing workshops. There are about 25 participants statewide, not many from Hancock County. Not sure if they will be available for viewing.

Statewide clubs are ongoing- Aquaponics and birding, 4-H for All. There will be a Passport around the world program for teens.

New Business:
Style Revue – Zabet and Joyce are talking about what to do. Will not be in person. Perhaps a public service project such as making mittens or scarves for homeless shelters, or making blankets for kids? Perhaps a stuffed animal?

June Jamboree – could be online workshops, or possibly a small group for a day event. Overnight could sleep in separate tents.

There may be a new club starting in Lamoine!

Office Report:
Covid guidelines remain the same. No large gatherings this summer. Can have in person gatherings, probably 10 people or less. There will likely be more activity packages. They can be outside or in an open area like a barn.

A motion was made to adjourn at  7:28; seconded and approved.

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Carney, Secretary