Register for 4-H At-Home June Jamboree 2020

Please register by Wednesday, June 3, 2020. 4-H June Jamboree is open to ALL 4-H members, friends, and family in Hancock and neighboring counties. There are limited quantities of some kits and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis. A waiting list will be started if necessary.


All 4-H At-Home Jamboree activities are designed to be done outdoors, following this year’s theme: Get Outside! Adult supervision is required for all at-home activities.

Outdoor Art | This kit includes five, nature-inspired art activities: Environmental Art, Nature Poetry, Create-a-Creature, Picture Frame, and Dream Catcher. This kit includes some simple materials to design your art project, and also includes guides to give you ideas for using materials found outside.

Outdoor Cooking | This kit includes recipes, instructions, and basic tools for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner outside! You are also encouraged to develop your own outdoor meal recipes and submit them to the 4-H Exhibit Hall.

Nature Collections | This kit includes instructions and materials for creating a collection of specimens from nature. Choose from the list of collection types:

  • Insect Collection
  • Flower Collection
  • Seaweed Collection
  • Rocks/Minerals/Seashells Collections

Worm Observation | This kit includes instructions and materials for observing the amazing work of earthworms! Youth will create their own observation chamber, collect earthworms, and observe them at work.

Seed Germination | This kit includes instructions and materials for sprouting seeds indoors using a mason jar. This is a very simple and fun project for learning about seed germination and plant life cycles!

Botany | This kit includes instructions and materials for dissecting a flower. Take a deeper look at each part of a plant to understand how they function and get “hands-on” with basic plant biology!

DIY Windchime | Natural materials make beautiful decorations and sounds for a windchime! This kit includes instructions, ideas, and basic materials to build your own windchime using materials found in nature.

Scavenger Hunt Challenge | Everyone is encouraged to participate in this outdoor scavenger hunt! This kit includes a list of items to find outdoors, including fun facts about each of them. Your goal is to snap a photo of as many things on the list as you can, and submit the photo as evidence for your prize! Prizes will be awarded for the number of items you can find.

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