4-H Volunteer Application and Training Process

We are excited to hear of your interest in becoming a 4-H Volunteer!  For more than 100 years, UMaine Extension volunteers have been making a difference in their communities by contributing their life experiences, love of learning, and energy in support of Maine’s most precious resource – our children. As the largest youth development program in the country, 4-H continues to depend on its dedicated volunteers as a true partner in that success.

Jamboree volunteer teaching youth about worm composting
Jamboree volunteer teaching youth about worm composting

Stage 1 – Choose a Volunteer Role

  • Review the Volunteer Roles available in Hancock County.
  • Share your ideas with a 4-H Staff member to determine which role is best suited for you.

Stage 2 – Application

  • Submit an Application (Contact Extension Office)
  • Complete your Background Check 
  • Reference Check is conducted by 4-H Staff

Stage 3 – Training

  • Complete initial online training. This online training consists of four modules, lasting approximately 10 minutes each, which you complete at your own pace whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Local Orientation is required upon completion of E-Learning to cover local topics that are not introduced online. Topics addressed in this orientation are: Program Opportunities in Hancock County, Risk Management and Volunteer Protection, and details specific to your volunteer role. You can attend this training in person, or you can join us via online video conferencing technology. 
  • View two videos on Sexual Discrimination and Mandated Reporting. University of Maine policy makes all employees and volunteers mandated reporters of sex discrimination. If you witness or are told about sexual discrimination, including sexual violence, related to your Cooperative Extension volunteer work, you must report it. We require each and every Extension volunteer to view two video clips entitled Sexual Discrimination Training for Cooperative Extension Volunteers and Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect. Each year you enroll as a volunteer, you will be asked to sign a form indicating you have received this training and understand your reporting responsibilities. 4-H Staff will send you the videos during the training process.
  • An interview with a 4-H staff member is the final piece of your application. During the interview we will ask about your skills and experience, your understanding of 4-H, and why you are interested in becoming a 4-H Volunteer. This can be conducted in person, over the phone, or using online video conferencing technology. We prefer that you complete the above training prior to the interview, so we can use the time to clarify any questions you may have.

Stage 4 – Enrollment

  • Complete Volunteer Enrollment Packet
  • Sign Photo Release Form
  • Sign Standards of Behavior Form

You will be asked to review and sign these enrollment forms at the end of every 4-H year (September), and make updates/changes as necessary.