Hancock County 4-H Leaders Association

Interested in joining in behind the scenes?

The 4-H Leaders Association helps to plan county events, fundraises for 4-H, and plays a vital role in supporting our youth through their 4-H journey. The group meets the second Tuesday of each month and is comprised of current 4-H volunteers. If you’d like to join in on the fun and help shape 4-H in your county, please reach out to a county staff member.


To learn more about each officer position, follow the links to the volunteer job descriptions. Each description will cover the officers’ responsibilities, the skills and knowledge a volunteer should have, and the time commitments of the role.

President: Brenda Jordan
Vice President: Elaine Gokey
Treasurer: Terry Swazey
Secretary: Lisa Carney
Board of Directors: Lee Sargent, Lisa Reilich, and Joannie Jodrey

County Staff

4-H Professional: Carla Scocchi

4-H Community Education Assistant: Leah McCluskey

4-H Administrative Specialist: Andrea Mahoney

Or call us at 207.667.8212