Hancock County 4-H Public Speaking

Every 4-H member in Hancock County is encouraged to participate in Public Speaking! Youth choose a topic of their choice and then practice the important life skill of public speaking by giving presentations to their clubs, community, and at the county and state tournaments.

Girl Giving Presentation on How to Make a Peanut Butter Pita
Youth from Jolly Juniors 4-H Club giving a presentation on How To Make Peanut Butter Pitas.

When preparing for a 4-H Presentation, youth learn how to:

  • Research a subject
  • Organize their ideas
  • Share their knowledge and passion with others
  • Create and use visuals to support their presentation

When youth carry out a public speaking presentation, they demonstrate advanced skills and a deeper understanding of what they learned.

My favorite part of 4-H Public Speaking is pushing myself out of my comfort zone”

– Hancock County 4-H Public Speaking Participant


Types of Presentations

  • Demonstration: In a 4-H demonstration, the youth shows how to do something while telling how it’s done. It is called a “show how” and “tell how” presentation. The work is performed before your eyes and there is a finished product at the end.
  • Illustrated Talk: In a 4-H illustrated talk, the youth gives information about a subject and uses visuals to explain the subject. Unlike a demonstration, the work is not performed before your eyes and there is not a finished product as a result of the presentation.
  • Team Demonstration/Team Illustrated Talk: As above, limit of two team members. Each teams’ members (limit of two) must be from the same age division.

Planning your Public Speaking Presentation

Visit the Maine 4-H State Public Speaking Website for resources such as:

Hancock County Public Speaking Tournament

The 2021 Public Speaking Tournament is now over. Stay tuned for 2022!