Green Peach Aphids

Photo of a cluster of Green Peach Aphids on a broccoli leafThe Green Peach Aphid (Myzus persicae) is a species of aphid so-named due to the fact that it is a significant aphid pest of peaches in many parts of the US, but is also found worldwide.

Since aphids possess piercing/sucking mouthparts, feeding by the green peach aphid results in decreased growth, shriveling of leaves, and the death of various tissues.  Maine does have at least one sizable peach orchard, with more than 650 trees.  However, this aphid is also a concern in Maine because it attacks a wide variety of ornamental plants grown in greenhouses.  Of even greater concern is the fact that it acts as a vehicle (or vector) for the transport of plant viruses.   One of these viruses, potato virus Y, is a virus that Maine potato growers have to manage annually, making the green peach aphid an important potato pest.  Potato leafroll virus is another virus that this aphid is known to vector, along with various mosaic viruses that it can spread to many other food crops.

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