Fruit Flies

Genus “Drosophila” is the genus name for what we call “fruit flies” or, sometimes pomace, vinegar, or wine flies, which speaks to their propensity–in the case of many species–for hanging around and feeding on overripe or rotting fruit.  The entire genus, however, contains more than 1,500 species and is very diverse in appearance, behavior, and breeding habitat.  The larvae of at least one species, Drosophila suzukii (which people know more by the name of Spotted Wing Drosophila or the Asian Fruit Fly), is a newly introduced species from Asia that can also feed in fresh fruit and has become a major threat to soft-skinned fruits throughout much of Maine, New England, and elsewhere across the nation.  Keep up with Maine Spotted Wing Drosophila alerts during the growing season at our Highmoor Farm SWD Alerts page here: Highmoor Farm’s Spotted Wing Drosophila page

Additional Information And Photos: