MISN Participating Organizations

The Maine Invasive Species Network includes a diverse membership from State and Federal agencies to non-profits and academia. Listed below are the organizations represented within MISN and current members. For contact information please refer to our Member List.

Federal Agencies

Participating Organization Members
National Park Service Judy Hazen Connery
Betty Lyle
Abe Miller-Rushing
Kate Miller
U.S. Department of Agriculture Terry BourgoinSteve Bonstedt
Thomas Rawinski
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Beth Goettel
Bill Kolodnicki
Sandra Lary
Maurice Mills
Kate O’Brien

State Agencies

Participating Organization Members
Maine Board of Pesticides Control Gary Fish
Maine Department of Agriculture Karen Coluzzi
Ann Gibbs
Kathy Murray
Lorraine Taft
Maine Department of Conservation Don Cameron
Lisa St. Hilaire
Maine Department of Environmental Protection Paul Gregory
Karen Hahnel
John McPhedran
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Danielle D’Auria
Joe Dembeck
Maine Department of Transportation Richard Bostwick
Mark Lickus
Robert Moosmann
Maine Forest Service Charlene Donahue
Allison Kanoti


Participating Organization Members
Bates College Sharon Kinsman
Colby College Judy Stone
Cornell University Robin Hadlock Seeley
Unity College Amy Arnett
Erika Latty
Aimee Phillippi
University of Connecticut Sarah Treanor Bois
University of Maine Andrei Alyokhin
Beth Bisson
Vanessa Coats
James Dill
Fang Geng
Eleanor Groden
Rob Lilieholm
Bill Livingston
Cyndy Loftin
Jen Lund
Felipe Paredes
Darren Ranco
Judith Rhymer
Fred Servello
Caleb Slemmons
Lois Stack
University of Maine at Machias Doug McNaught
Wendy Norden


Participating Organization Members
Androscoggin Land Trust Michael Auger
Casco Bay Estuary Partnership Curtis Bohlen
Gulf of Maine Research Institute Sarah Morrisseau
Sarah Kirn
Christine Voyer
Forestry Guild Amanda Mahaffey
Maine Coast Heritage Trust William Halprin
Maine Marine Invasive Species Working Group Elizabeth Stephenson
Maine Island Trail Association Maria Jenness
Maine Milfoil Initiative Jacolyn Bailey
Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program Center for Invasive Aquatic Plants Roberta Hill
Pine Tree State Arboretum Sylvia Michaud
Stephen Oliveri
Hillary Schultz
The Nature Conservancy Nancy Sferra
Wells National Estuarine Reserve Jennifer Dijkstra

For contact information please refer to our Member List.