3D Printing in Agriculture Workshop

We are holding an intro “3D Printing in Agriculture” workshop at the Kennebec Valley Community College Farm on JANUARY 25th from 9-12pm. We are located at 24 Price Road in Hinckley, right off of Route 201. It is free and open to all.

3D printing is a way to express your true “farm hack” nature, innovating to create super affordable parts and tools (or prototypes) that do exactly what you need them to do. The focus of this workshop will be on the 3D printing software and farm applications of the printers. We then hope to connect regional farmers with area printers.

This fall we worked with a group of pilot farmers to teach the potential of 3D printing on the farm as well as give printers to start 3D printing “hubs” for farmers around the state. So far some of the projects that have been made with our pilot group of farmers include:

  • customized seed processing equipment
  • customized seed wheels
  • soil block makers
  • landscape fabric cutters
  • clips to hold remay and plastic onto EMT conduit
  • seed counting plates for germination tests
  • replacement parts for a root washer
  • fence insulators for pipe gates

You can check out more of this work at our website.