2021 Maine Farm Worker Compensation Survey Results

Figure 1. Farm Location by Region: Southern = 49.4%; Northern & Central = 22.4%; Western & central = 22.4%; and Downeast = 5.9%A survey was sent to farmers in March of 2021 requesting participation in a statewide survey about wages, pay, and benefits for farmers and employees. The survey was developed through a collaboration between the Maine Small Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association and the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. It was distributed through mailing lists of these two groups as well as other agricultural service provider agencies and grower associations. No similar report detailing Maine farm worker compensation exists, and the results of this survey are an initial snapshot. Although the turnaround was fast with the survey closed just 1 month after it was released, we hope that the findings will be helpful for farmers and annual data from many more farms will be collected in future years.

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