Come Meet Maine’s Next Governor

Hear each of the gubernatorial candidates speak about the issues impacting Maine’s agricultural sector, and engage in a question & answer session about some of the challenges facing Maine farmers and the potential solutions that would be proposed by the next governor.

  • Each Candidate has their own dedicated me to talk 1-on-1 with a room of farmers and those working in Maine agriculture. A moderator will do brief candidate intro- duc ons, keep track of me, and facilitate ques ons from the audience.
  • Candidates are alloted 10 minutes of opening remarks and 5 minutes of closing re- marks. Candidates will also be provided several general ques ons about agricultur- al policy in advance of the Forum, which can be addressed as part of their opening remarks.
  • The 4 candidates running to be Maine’s next governor will appear in the following order:
    • 12 pm (noon) – 1 pm Shawn Moody (R)
      1 pm—2 pm Terry Hayes (I)
      2 pm—3 pm Alan Caron (I)
      3 pm—4 pm Janet Mills (D)
  • Light refreshments provided.

When: Tuesday, August 28, 201812 noon—4 pm

Where: Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine L.L. Bean Conference Room, 205 Church Hill Road, Augusta, ME

For more information about AgCOM and our membership, go to Agricultural Council of Maine.