Deadline: Apple Crop Insurance, 2019 Year

November 20, 2018 is the sales closing date for the 2019 crop year

It’s that time of year when you need to review your crop insurance options! Apple crop insurance protects a producer’s average crop yields from weather-related issues causing yield loss. Producers can choose to insure their apple crop at a catastrophic level (CAT) which protects 50% of their average crop yield and pays at 55% of the price election at a loss; or, at higher coverage levels called “buy-up” which protects 50 to 75% of their average crop yield and pays 100% of the price election. The 2019 price elections are $11.50 per bushel ($6.33 per bushel for CAT) for “fresh market” conventional and organic apples. Price elections also exist for different varietal groups and processing apples. A portion of the premium cost is subsidized by the USDA. Crop insurance is sold by private crop insurance agents. Locate a crop insurance agent at Agent Locator.

Alternatively, those interested in coverage on multiple crops should speak with an agent about Whole Farm Revenue Protection.

Perspectives from the field

Watch a short video about apple crop insurance from the owners of The Apple Farm in Fairfield, Maine.

Watch a video about Whole Farm Revenue Protection from the owner of Circle B Farms in Caribou Maine.

For questions please contact Crop Insurance Education Program Manager, Erin Roche, 207.949.2490 or

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is in partnership with the USDA RMA to deliver crop insurance education in Maine. For more information, please visit the UMaine Risk Management and Crop Insurance website.