How to enroll a diversified veggie and fruit farm in Whole Farm Revenue Protection Crop Insurance

A revenue-protection policy for diversified farms

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) is a crop insurance policy that protects a farm’s adjusted gross revenue from production losses or decline in market prices due to natural causes. WFRP acts as an umbrella policy because revenue from multiple crops, livestock, and nursery products is insurable. Farmers must furnish a fair amount of records to the crop insurance agent to enroll in this policy. The purpose of this factsheet is to explain the required records so that farmers can understand the policy and prepare for a meeting with a crop insurance agent.

Locating a crop insurance agent

The deadline to enroll in WFRP is March 15, 2018 for insurance during the 2018 growing season, but farmers should begin the sign-up process with a crop insurance agent well in advance of the deadline to ensure coverage. Having your farm records organized before you meet with an agent is favorable.

Locate a crop insurance agent using the online agent locator tool.

(Click on “RMA Agent Locator”. On next page, enter your location in box at top left, and in “Licensed in” box on right, click on Maine in the drop-down menu. Adjust other filters as desired, then click on blue “Search” box.)

More Information

Visit the UMaine Risk Management and Crop Insurance website.

Contact Crop Insurance Education Program Manager Erin Roche or 207.949.2490