Maine Migrant Education Program

The Maine Migrant Education Program (MEP) provides free educational assistance to families who move to work in agriculture or fishing. Children in these families often struggle to succeed academically because of frequent moves, poverty, and other barriers. The MEP provides services to help migratory children and youth (ages 0-20) succeed in school by maintaining their grade level and meeting high academic standards.. Program staff also advocate for families and connect them with other necessary services.

The Maine Migrant Education Program is administered by Mano en Mano / Hand in Hand, a nonprofit with offices Downeast and in Portland. Mano en Mano staff located throughout Maine work closely with families in their region providing services such as tutoring and advocacy.

To qualify for Migrant Education services, a family must have moved from one school district to another within the past three years to do seasonal or temporary work in agriculture or fishing. We work with families who move from one part of Maine to another, to Maine from other states, or to Maine from other countries. If you or an employee of yours has moved within the past three years to do agriculture or fishing work and are interested in receiving free educational support, you may contact:

Sean Douglas
Enrollment and Outreach Coordinator