SNAP for Direct Marketing Farmers and Farmers Markets – FREE Webinars

USDA has continued funding through May 2017 to assist direct marketing farmers and farmers markets join the SNAP program by providing free equipment to qualified farmers and farmers markets. The National Association of Farmers Market Nutrition Programs (NAFMNP) has created MarketLink, an online solution to an expedited application process, nationally negotiated rates for SNAP, debit and credit; as well as state-of-the-art equipment, an iPHone 6, EMV card reader and blue-tooth connected printer.

Joining the SNAP program involves a multiple application process that enrolls you as a SNAP retailer, determines your eligibility for free equipment and then provides the service to accept SNAP, debit and credit.

The Farmers Market Federation of NY will be holding webinars to help direct marketing farmers and market managers understand the MarketLink program and will schedule phone appointments with attendees to complete the application process. The presentations should take approximately 60 minutes for the presentation and question and answers.

The webinar is free to join and will help you understand the process and the value of adding SNAP to your farm or market. Register now to reserve your space on the date that best fits your schedule.

To register, visit Enrolling in SNAP for the registration information, then click on the link for your choice of dates and complete the registration information. Once submitted you will receive a link to the webinar. Save that link! This is how you will access the live webinar.

For more information, contact the Farmers Market Federation of NY at 315.400.1447 or email