What do entry-level beef cattle farmers need to know to be successful in New England?

Regional universities and technical schools are updating their programs to make sure that our future beef farmers have the knowledge, skills, and training experiences needed to meet region-specific demands and challenges in the beef industry.

We need your input in a roughly 20-minute New England Beef Farmer Skills Survey by March 3, 2019 — a vital contribution to the future of the industry in New England.

Participation is voluntary, and personally identifiable information is not collected with responses.

We expect survey findings to benefit our region’s beef cattle industry by creating a greater pool of well-prepared young farmers: (1) to serve as apprentices or employees, (2) to expand the infrastructure of the beef industry in New England, and (3) to purchase land, animals, and equipment from farmers considering retirement without family successors.

To participate in this survey, please go to VASCI and click on “New England Beef Farmer Skills Survey.”

If you would prefer to complete a paper survey, please contact Dr. Katie Beltaire, DVM, DACT in the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst at 413.545.2428 or kbeltaire@umass.edu.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Your experience and input are critical to help our regional educational facilities support the beef cattle industry in New England.