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Cooperative Extension: New Farmers

Farm Practices for Managing Water Webinar


This webinar will focus on soil health and engineering practices that can help farmers mitigate the negative effects of too much water. Participants will learn an overview of techniques, and important considerations for implementing these practices and will see how a Maine farm has employed some of these methods to fit the scale and goal […]

Tax Implications for Farm Transitions Webinar


Decisions regarding farm property transfer are critical in estate, retirement, and succession planning. Making the best decisions starts with understanding the different ways of transferring property ownership and the common […]

Assessing Risk on Urban and Small Acreage Farms Webinar


Urban agriculture: Did you know it’s happening all over Maine? From quarter-acre flower farms to community orchards to backyard gardens, Mainers are growing large quantities of food in our towns […]

How to Talk About Money and Why It Matters Webinar


A discussion of all things farm finance – not strictly farm business in nature, specifically personal finances, decision-making, communication, and planning. This session will offer short video interviews with farmers […]