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Tracy, Christopher, Brayden, and Beckett

“Maine Families has given me peace of mind that my son is developing on track. [Our Family Visitor] is great at talking through parenting issues, providing suggestions and support, and helping to solve problems. I feel more confident in my parenting and my son’s development because of Maine Families. I think as parents we are always second-guessing ourselves. Its nice to have a neutral person (not a friend or relative) to bounce things off of.

Maine Families is for everyone, regardless of who you are, how many kids you’ve raised, and your socioeconomic status. They will work with you, your schedule, and provide support according to your needs. ” — Tracy Collins

“Be not afraid to ask for help. [Our Family Visitor] has helped so much from being there to help me understand being a mother, interacting with my daughter, to just being there for me to talk to when I have so much on my mind. Her resources have helped both my mental health to my parenting.

These people care. They try to go above and beyond to get you the help or advice you need.” — Leanne Rector

Opal, Eli, Oliver

“The support I have received from [Our Family Visitor] has been invaluable! She has provided every resource I have asked for in regards to development and activities for my kids. It has also been especially helpful to have someone checking in on me (and my sanity) as I have navigated the challenges of staying home with my children during this horrible pandemic. As lonely and isolating as this has been, having the zoom calls with [Our Family Visitor] is always something to look forward to. It’s so nice to have a child expert telling you you’re doing a great job, even when you think you are failing!

You can never have enough support during pregnancy and welcoming a new baby into your home. I wish I had signed up when I was pregnant with my first child.” — Alison Fongemie

“It is a wonderful program and the support and dedication of the workers is amazing!” — Briana Fortier