Resilience in Times of Stress

Resources to deal with the stress and pain triggered by recent violent events:

three teenagers with their arms around one another looking out to the oceanViolent events like mass shootings can be triggering on many levels. There are good resources available on how to cope when you are feeling trauma-related fear and anxiety about recent shootings, and understanding more about the impact of adverse and positive childhood experiences.

Great Pointers For Talking to Children

University of Maine Cooperative Extension Publications:

The following bulletins are included on the Home, Family and Youth page of UMaine Extension’s Publications site. A downloadable PDF, or option to print directly from the page, is available with each bulletin.

Additional Resources:

Leaning on Others in Times of Great Stress is Important

Stay connected, reach out. Don’t isolate yourself from the pain you may be experiencing. If you reach out, others will listen. A friend, colleague, or hotline. 


Video: How to Talk to Children When Bad Things Happen (YouTube)

University of Maine Cooperative Extension explains how to talk to kids during a traumatic event.