Local 4-H Club to Present Award to Tractor Supply Center

From September 19th – 29th, Tractor Supply Centers across the
United States offer “Paper Clovers” for sale for $1 each.  The money
collected from these sales goes to National 4-H.  They then distribute
those funds to State 4-H offices who then distribute funds to the
counties where there is a TSC store.  Now that Dover has their own
TSC, they are taking part in the Paper Clover Promo.  Support your
local 4-H by purchasing a Clover at the Dover TSC.

This Promo is conducted in May as well.  This year, the Dover TSC had
a record number of Clovers sold as well as a record amount of money
collected–43% of their customers purchased Clovers.  On Friday,
September 28th at 4:00 there will be a presentation made at the store by
the Parkman Adventurers 4-H Club to recognize the Dover TSC for doing
such a great job.  The store will present the Parkman Adventurers with
a check for the money collected.

A great big THANK YOU to Dover’s Tractor Supply Center for their
continuous support of Piscataquis County 4-H.

From October 1st -31st there will be additional Paper Clover Promos going
on around the County by many area businesses.  The money collected
from the sales of these Clovers goes directly to the State 4-H who
then distributes a large percentage back to the county.  Be sure to
support all these area businesses.