Smart Money Moves

When:  Friday, April 26th at 10:00-3:00

Jane Conroy, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Orono will be on hand to discuss ways for families’ to save more and spend less. She will have display that will show steps you can take to see where you are financially and how you can make your money work better for you and your family.  Handouts will be available.

You will learn about saving more, spending less and choosing healthy debt. There will be tools and ideas that you can apply to your daily life. Understanding your credit report, use of credit cards, food shopping are just a few of the topics that will be covered.

Jane Conroy, Extension Educator with a focus on Family Resource Management with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension has over 30 years of experience educating individuals, children and families in Maine. Most recently, her interests have focused on financial literacy through the life cycle. She authors the free, bi-monthly newsletter for individuals and families called Money $ense.

So come with your money questions and learn to save more and spend less.