Folks attending the recent session on Phosphate fertilizers at the Foxcroft
Agway with University of Maine Extension staff learned about the importance of
phosphorus in people and plants, how plants get their phosphorous, and what
happens when too much phosphate fertilizer is used.

Those attending learned how to test their soil, use phosphorus fertilizer, and how
to manage or improve their garden soils. A special section on Rain Gardens and
riparian buffers rounded out the program.

If you missed this session and are interested in these topics you can contact
the UMaine Extension office for these factsheets. Testing Your Soil #2286,
Applying Fertilizers on Your Garden #2287, Fertilizing a Home Lawn in Maine
#2154, Adding a Rain Garden in Your Landscape #2702, Gardening to Conserve
Maine’s Native Landscape: Plants to Use & Plants to Avoid #2500 and Native
Plants: A Maine Source List #2502.

The UMaine Extension Piscataquis County Office is located at 165 E. Main
St., Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426 or call 564-3301. You can also download the
factsheets from the Cooperative Extension Publications Catalog.

For more than 90 years, University of Maine Cooperative Extension has
supported UMaine’s land-grant public education role by conducting community-
driven, research-based programs in every Maine county.