UMaine Extension Updates Avian Flu Information

Anne Lichtenwalner, associate professor of animal and veterinary sciences, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, has updated information about avian influenza (AI) in a bulletin for poultry producers.

On June 8, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources reported a confirmed case of avian flu in Michigan, making it the 21st state in the U.S. affected by the outbreak.

AI is a contagious type A influenza virus of birds that occurs worldwide. Some strains can mutate and are capable of affecting other animals and occasionally people. AI is spread via respiratory droplets, saliva, mucus and manure. It also may be capable of airborne spread, if conditions allow.

The updated information is in Bulletin 2109, Avian Influenza and Backyard Poultry 2015 ( More information about the publication, as well as free downloads, are available at and by contacting, 207.581.3792.

Lichtenwalner will blog updates on

Contact: Beth Staples, 207.581.3777