Maine State of Learning Initiative Officially Launches

A statewide effort supporting learning and skill-building to ensure growth, empowerment and success for all Maine residents officially launched at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute during Maine Startup & Create Week.

The Maine State of Learning (MSOL) is a project fueled by public and private partnerships across the state to provide more learning opportunities to Maine residents of all ages; recognize that learning through digital badges; and connect it to statewide proficiency standards, career pathways and personal goals.

The University of Maine is a founding partner of the initiative along with Breakwater Learning, Maine Afterschool Network, Badge Labs, Gulf of Maine Research Institute and Educate Maine.

MSOL also includes a cohort of learning providers including the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s 4-H youth development program. Participants can earn three digital badges in the UMaine 4-H STEM Ambassador program.

“The University of Maine is excited to be a founding partner of Maine State of Learning,” said Jeffrey Hecker, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost at the University of Maine. “This initiative clearly fits with the land grant mission and vision of UMaine. Connecting learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom setting, will provide students multiple pathways for skill development, knowledge acquisition, and continued civic engagement. UMaine is committed to fostering lifelong learning opportunities for all citizens of Maine and beyond.”

The full release about the MSOL launch is online. More information about MSOL is on the initiative’s website.