UMaine Extension video series continues with focus on Stoneheart Farm in South Paris

University of Maine Cooperative Extension has released the second installment of “Growing Maine,” a series of short documentaries highlighting Maine food producers and farm families.

The second video in the series tells the story of Doreen and John Simmons of Stoneheart Farm in South Paris, and two invaluable members of their farm family — border collies Gwen and Bea. Without the dogs, the farmers say they could not do what they do.

The “Growing Maine” video series helps consumers get to know their food sources better, as farmers and producers share their behind-the-scenes perspectives. For those aspiring to farm, the videos are a way to hear directly from farmers and producers about what is most important to them.

UMaine Extension helps support and grow the food-based economy statewide, and is the only entity that touches every aspect of the Maine Food System, where policy, research, education, production, processing, commerce, nutrition, and food security and safety are integral and interrelated.

Videos in the series can be viewed online. Viewers also have the opportunity to suggest story ideas for videos that will be released throughout the year. For more information contact Leslie Forstadt, 207.581.3487,