2018 Webinar Series

We already have several exciting webinars planned for 2018! All webinars are free, but prior registration is required* (link here) and we are limited in the number of participant spots.

May 24th, 3pm – Seth Benz, the Bird Ecology Program director at the Schoodic Institute in Acadia National Park will be joining us for a webinar titled: “Advancing Phenology: Tracking Changes of Birds, Bugs, and Select Plants in the Acadia Region”.

June 6th, 3:30pm – Introducing Anecdata for Coastal SOS observations and data management.

June 7th, 3pm – Dr. Caitlin McDonough Mackenzie will be presenting a webinar titled: “Researching phenological change in Acadia National Park: from hikes to experimental gardens.”

June 28th, 3pmDr. Kristine Hoffmann will be presenting a webinar on wood frog ecology and research in Maine.

Register for webinars here*

*Registering lets us know that you are interested and provides contact information so that we can send you the details for how to log in and view the webinar.