Volunteer Spotlight: Sally Shepardson

Volunteer Spotlight: Sally Shepardson

Sally and her dog Reece pause on an overlook while hiking in the Bigelow Preserve
Sally and Reece pause above Horn Pond in the Bigelow Preserve.

Sally became involved with Signs of the Seasons in 2011. She says that keeping track of phenological changes makes her more aware of regional changes that are occurring because of climate change. “This activity helps me realize that what I have been observing in an anecdotal manner is actually a quantifiable change.”

“I’ve taught a course on the environment for 27 years, so I have always discussed phenology and the local impacts of the changing climate with friends and family, but this experience allows me to integrate my thoughts on a much more personal level.”

She suggests that observers choose areas that are easy to access and a place where you are interested in going because it will make it more likely that you’ll keep going back on a regular basis.

Sally has a long history of being involved in projects and activities related to nature. She has been a Master Gardener since 1999 and an Advanced Master Gardener since 2000. “My current volunteer project is with the Health Community Coalition of Franklin County in Farmington, working under Laura Quinn in the group’s community vegetable garden.”

“I have attached a picture of me and my dog, Reece. We’re above Horn Pond in the Bigelow Preserve.  Along with my husband, Jonathan Leonard, the three of us spend a lot of time hiking and skiing in the western mountains (yes, Reece skijors!) and happily living at the base of Mt. Abram.”