Poultry producers advised to remain alert for avian flu

Due to the recent outbreak of a highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza (AI) on a large turkey farm in Indiana, poultry producers in Maine are reminded to maintain vigilance against its transmission, even in winter.

As a result of the outbreak in Indiana, about 245,000 turkeys and 156,000 chickens have been euthanized, according to news reports.

Dr. Anne Lichtenwalner, associate professor of animal and veterinary sciences, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, has updated information about the outbreak as well as recommendations for Maine farmers online at umaine.edu/veterinarylab/2016/01/20/avian-flu-still-a-threat. Additional information also is available in the UMaine Extension Bulletin 2109, Avian Influenza and Backyard Poultry 2015 at umaine.edu/publications/2109e.

Contact: Anne Lichtenwalner, 207.581.2789