October 2018 California Newcastle Disease Update

Virulent Newcastle Disease (vND) continues on at a low level in California backyard chicken flocks, illustrating how difficult it is to effectively control this disease, especially when it is disseminated in the backyard flock community.  Because it is such a serious disease, all bird owners should be vigilant. vND has not been found in commercial […]

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Avian Influenza update from Paul Brennan of the Indiana State Poultry Association

Avian Influenza update from Paul Brennan of the Indiana State Poultry Association (via Eric Gingerich, 9-12-2018): “The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has reported finding an H7 avian influenza (AI) detection from commercial meat turkeys in Stanislaus County, California.  AI antibody and presumptive H7 were reported by […]

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Wild bird strain of Newcastle Disease Found in Cormorants on the East Coast

Periodically versions of the Newcastle Disease virus occur in wild birds in our region.  We have seen cases in pigeons (pigeon-adapted strain), and another strain occasionally occurs in double-crested cormorants.  Currently, there appear to be cases of this disease causing some deaths in the cormorant population.  Of note, we don’t have this disease in domestic […]

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August 2018 California Newcastle Disease Update

Since May 2018, USDA has confirmed 106 cases of virulent Newcastle Disease (vND) in backyard birds in southern California.  Almost all are in small flock (“backyard”) show chickens, but a few are in small flocks of turkeys, and “mixed bird” flocks.   To keep this disease from spreading, and to keep it out of the commercial […]

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Brown Chicken

Update on Newcastle Disease in California backyard exhibition (show-type) chickens

There have been new cases since mid-May, (click here for a list of confirmed cases) when this problem emerged in small flocks in California.  With the controls that exist via state regulations and routine state veterinary activities, this disease should be contained.  However, it’s very important to protect your (and your neighbors’) birds by following […]

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Avian Health Update for People Who Purchase or Show Exhibition Poultry

Virulent Newcastle Disease (vND), formerly known as Exotic Newcastle Disease is a contagious and fatal viral disease affecting the respiratory, nervous and digestive systems of birds and poultry. The disease is so virulent that many birds and poultry die without showing any clinical signs. Since May 18, USDA has confirmed several cases of vND in […]

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Arial View of the new UMaine Cooperative Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory building

Stay Updated on the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Move

Exciting News! The University of Maine Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (formerly the Animal Health Laboratory) is preparing to move to our new building at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory. Our new facility is located at 17 Godfrey Drive, Orono and will also house the Pest Management Unit and Aquatic Animal Health […]

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March 31, 2017 Update on Avian Influenza

“H7 avian influenza has been identified in Georgia; you can find the link to the News Release here. Please refer to the USDA-VS newsroom link, Tennessee (TN), Alabama (AL) and Kentucky (KY) Department of Agriculture websites for updates on the AI status in their respective states. While the case has been identified in a state that […]

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