York County 4-H March News

Upcoming Events

Public Speaking  March 16:
9AM-1PM  Downs Conference Room, 15 Oak St. Springvale, ME

4-H State Public Speaking Tournament will be held Saturday, April 6, 2019 at the University of Maine at Orono, Youth ages 9 to 18

State Dairy Cattle Judging – April 13 (Location: Waldo County)

Overnight Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program Camps (ages 9 and up):
April 15-17 at Tanglewood 4-H Center and April 17-19 at Bryant Pond 4-H Center

Animal Approval Forms due June 30th – to be Eastern States Eligible they are due May 1st (to the county office)

Happy Birthday!

January Birthdays

Emily M. – Lucky Charms, Grace H. – Boots N Buckles, Isabella F – Kidding Around, Isaiah G – Kidding Around, Josh B – Dream Catchers, Kaitlin M – Lucky Charms, Libby B – Four Leaf Clover, Lindsay H – Kidding Around, Logan Q – Homesteaders, Mason R – D.O.G., Noah Q – Homesteaders, Owen M – Lucky Charms, Saoirse C – Independent, Sara Q – Homesteaders, Savannah J – York County Shepherds, Sofia F – York County Shepherds

February Birthdays

Justin C – Little Falls, David S – Four Leaf Clovers, Maya J – D.O.G., Michael C – Kidding Around, Rachel W – Kidding Around, Trista H – D.O.G.

March Birthdays

Abigail H – Dream Catchers, Ayerabella H – BFF, Devin H – Little Falls, Ethen G – Kidding Around, Jack M – Lucky Charms, Jackson S – Homesteaders, Jillian T – Kidding Around, Lily L – Little Falls, Lucas J – D.O.G., Norah D- Kidding Around

We Appreciate our Leaders!

The Leaders Celebration was March 3 and they enjoyed the afternoon with some painting!

Paint afternoon to celebrate our Leaders March 3 2019.

Community service is a big part of 4-H.

Individual Community Service Award Sophia Bogh 2018 Club Community Service Award Nature Kids 2018Sophia Bogh, Nature Kids has received Recognition of the 2018 Individual Community Service award!

Nature Kids has received the recognition for the 2018 Club Community Service Award!




4-H Club News

13 Clubs located all over York County! Club news contains news that the clubs have shared with the office!

BFF 4-H Club Meeting at Cornish Fire Dept, playing activity after meeting.


BFF club has obtained access to the Cornish fire station for meetings. Here is a picture of a members playing a fun game after planning the next few months of activities including: spring clean ups, farm field trips and t-shirt designs.

— Jane, Leader

Four Leaf Clovers

We had a Valentine party on the 11th and went tubing on the 18th ( yes it was snowing). We also will be putting on the lunch for the Shapleigh town meeting, on March 9th.

— Else Cook, Leader

Kidding Around

Presenting on Rabbits and their care for Kidding Around 4-H Club Kidding Around 4-H Club being great listeners at Rabbit PresentationKidding Around 4-H Club had its monthly meeting on February 17th. Anna Kezar did a presentation on rabbits, including: Care and feeding, common ailments, showing and health check procedures. There were lots of kids (and bunnies and guinea pigs) in attendance.

–Debbi Cole, Leader

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms Nerf Party January 2019

The Lucky Charms met in January for an Action Nerf party, everyone had a great time! We’re hoping to plan another in the future!

Lucky Charms plan for this month includes a speaker who will be teaching the kids about wild birds and birding techniques. Several of our members took part in the Great Backyard Bird Count February 15-18 as citizen scientists! We will also be making birdseed ornaments in a few weeks and selling them as a fundraiser for our club.

— Kristi Maling, Leader Lucky Charms

Nature Kids

Nature Kids 4-H'er holding bunny during clinic. Nature Kids 4-H group learning about Rabbits at their meetingIn February, NatureKids have held their election of officers, run a bunny / cavie clinic, will participate in the public demo workshop and attend winter fest at Laudholm farm. It’s been a busy month!


York County Shepherds Meeting Feb2019York County Shepherds

York County Shepherds recapped the digestive system and spoke about animal ID. Each member picked an animal and will research what ID/tag is needed. In their next meeting they will speak about what they found. This ties into their one theme exhibit hall project. York County Shepherds are going ice fishing as a group! Some of the kids have never gone and the rest enjoy it and are eager to learn. There is a non profit called, Runs With Wolves in Limington, and the members are going to help with spring clean up in April, depending on the weather.

— Kim Flint, Leader

York County Beef Club participated in State Dairy Quiz Bowl in Augusta.

York County Beef Club

York County Beef Club chose topics to present to the club in our March meeting, we also chose a date for our fundraising preparation night. YCBC for their fun activity tried 3 different types of milk to see if we could tell the difference between Whole Milk, Lactose free and A2 milk. Two members of the club also Participated in the State Dairy Quiz Bowl in Augusta.

State News March 2019

 Courtesy of Jessy Brainerd

  1. Save the Date for 2019 Maine 4-H Days
    Maine 4-H Days will take place July 19 – 21 at the Windsor Fairgrounds. If you are interested in helping to plan next year’s event, please contact Jessy Brainerd at brainerd@maine.edu or 207.581.3877.
  2. Maine 4-H Days Planning Committee
    July will be here before you know it, and we are looking for a few good volunteers to join the fantastic current Maine 4-H Days Planning Committee. Joining this committee gives you the chance to help come up with ideas and plans for one of our biggest statewide events! If you are interested in joining the Maine 4-H Days Planning Committee, or have general questions/comments/recommendations about the event, please email brainerd@maine.edu, or call 207.581.3877.
  3. Come to Orono for the 2019 4H@UMaine May 31 – June 1!
    Planning has started and the wheels are in motion thanks to the efforts of a tremendous team! We are always looking for individuals interested in helping with pre-event planning or attending the event itself! Stay tuned for details. For more information about 4-H@UMaine, contact Greg Kranich atkranich@maine.edu or 207.581.3292.
  4. Citizenship Washington Focus

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) Start making plans now to visit our Nation’s Capital during the week of June 29 to July 6, 2019. CWF is a leadership program conducted by the National 4-H Council for high school youth ages 14 to 18. Delegations of 4-Hers from across the country spend six days touring the city and attending leadership skill-building workshops. This summer, the Maine delegation will travel down on Saturday, June 29 and travel home Saturday July 6, 2019. You will stay at the National 4-H Conference Center just outside Washington, DC. Visiting the most popular sites in Washington, DC will be a part of the trip, including spending the 4th of July in our nation’s capital. There is a mandatory orientation for Maine delegates on April 27th, 2019.  For more information visit https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/annual-events/citizenship-washington-focus/. Contact your county 4-H office for details about how to be a part of this experience if you don’t hear from them very shortly. All county offices have different criteria/dates to apply, so please contact them ASAP. Websites are currently being updated. For specific questions, please contact Heidi Palmer, State Activities Coordinator at: heidi.thuotte@maine.edu.

  1. National Trips
    National 4-H Trip Applications Are due March 8th, 2019 (Conference and Congress) National 4-H Trips are excellent opportunities to meet 4-H members from across the nation. Participants learn about many career options, and learn through educational workshops at Congress or become a part of a team making recommendations to National 4-H Council at Conference. To learn more about these trips, visit: https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/national-trips/. Websites are currently being updated. For specific questions, please contact Heidi Palmer, State Activities Coordinator at: thuotte@maine.edu
  2. 2019 Maine 4-H Public Speaking Tournament
    The 4-H State Public Speaking Tournament will be held Saturday, April 6, 2019at the University of Maine at Orono. 4-H Youth ages 9 to 18 who have participated in their county 4-H public speaking tournament and received the required score are invited to participate. For youth in counties which do not hold public speaking tournaments, arrangements may be made through their county’s Extension office to present their presentation to their county’s 4-H staff in order to be eligible. More information is available at: https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/event/2019-maine-4-h-state-public-speaking-tournament/

Please provide feedback on Project Records!
Click the following link to take the survey.

You are invited to participate in a statewide research project being conducted by Kristy Ouellette and Jennifer Lobley, Extension Educators at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.  4-H volunteers and staff from all over Maine will participate in this study.

Purpose of this research project:  We recognize the value of our 4-H volunteers.  As a state we have rolled out new 4-H Project Records. We want to have a better understanding of your beliefs and understandings of the function of these records. What will you be asked to do?  If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete an on-line survey with questions pertaining to your attitudes and beliefs regarding 4-H project records in Maine.  The survey will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. Risks: Except for your time and inconvenience, there are no foreseeable risks to you in participating in this study. Benefits: You will be eligible to enter into a raffle for a $25.00 gift card to Hannaford. Confidentiality:  As a participant you will be anonymous. Investigators or a student will enter data into a computer.  Data will be kept on a secured computer with only the investigators or a student having access. Data will be kept for a period of  5 years. Voluntary:  Participation is voluntary.  If you choose to take part in this study, you may stop at any time during the study.  You may skip any questions you do not wish to answer.   Participation in the on-line survey implies consent to participate.

Contact Information: If you have any questions about this study, please contact Kristy Ouellette at 207.353.5550 or kristy.ouellette@maine.edu If you have any questions about your rights as a research participant, please contact Gayle Jones, Assistant to the University of Maine’s Protection of Human Subjects Review Board, at 581.1498 (or e-mail gayle.jones@maine.edu).