York County 4-H Clover Connection February 2024

York County 4-H Clover Connection February 2024

Fun Fact: Developing the perfect Popping Corn started as a 4-H Project!

 “4-H is about building better citizens, teaching values and developing the skills necessary to leading a good and profitable life. And it doesn’t matter if you’re from a farm environment or from a big city. 4-H worked for me and I’ve continued to work for it.”

Orville Redenbacher, California. 1983 Alumni Winner

Read more about Orville’s 4-H involvement on Purdue University: Orville Redenbacher


County News

4-H Camp and Learning Centers Summer Registration and Scholarships!

Registration is now open for summer camp at Tanglewood, Blueberry Cove, Greenland Point, and Bryant Pond. Sign up today to reserve your spot! Some scholarship money is available through the camps, but York County 4-H can provide additional support. Please complete the 2024 Campership Application to request financial assistance. The application is due by April 2nd.

4-H Camp Scholarship Application 2024 PDF | Word

Public Speaking Tournament, March 9th, 10am-2pm

Save the Date! The York County 4-H Public Speaking Tournament will be held on March 9th 2024 at the Alfred Parish Church Hall. 

You can find more information on 4-H Public Speaking, as well as guidelines and examples on the 4-H Public Speaking webpage.

Register for the York County 4-H Public Speaking Tournament today!

Save the Date! York County 4-H Fashion Revue, May 18th, 10am-12pm

Get out your needles and thread! The 3rd annual York County 4-H Fashion Revue is just a few months away! Check out the Fashion Revue Categories and Suggested Projects webpage to start planning your entry. Please note that all items submitted to the Fashion Revue must have been made during the current 4-H year (since October 1, 2023).

More information and registration can be found on the York County 4-H Fashion Revue webpage.

Club News

There are 9 Active Clubs in York County.

Beachcombers- Leader Jackie Lipsky

Beachcombers is a club that focuses on all things along the coast. We pick up the beach, learn about all things along the beach and nature journal. When possible, we learn from people who work along the coast.

Our club meets mostly in the warmer months. There have been some impromptu beach-combing adventures over the winter, and we look forward to our regular scheduled beachside meetings to resume in April.

Boots-N-Buckles – Leader Jody Harrison

Four Leaf Clover 4-H Club – Leaders Else Cook, Jennifer Azara

Four 4-H'ers and their Leader with Shapleigh EMT's learning about AED and Emergency Response
Four member’s of Four Leaf Clover Club with EMT’s from Shapleigh Fire Department

Our last meeting we had EMT’s from Shapleigh Fire department come and talk to the club about the AED, how it worked, and how to respond in an emergency.

Our club is a general club, meaning each member choices their own projects and there isn’t one main focus for the club. Our club goals this year are to increase our club membership by reaching out to the local schools, spreading the word about 4H.

Kidding Around – Leaders Debbi Cole, Nathan Cole

At our October meeting, we learned how to make goat milk soap.

At our November meeting, we learned about all the skeletons Nathan has in his closet.

At our January meeting, Ayla lead the meeting and each member filled out the first page of their Project Records with their goals for the year.  Then we inoculated beech logs with Shitake mushroom spores and put them outside.  In six months, we should have a LOT of mushrooms.

Little Falls 4-H Club – Leaders Barbara Peterson, Nancy Van Tassell

In the past few months, Little Falls 4-H has been buzzing with creativity from mastering the art of braided rugs to exploring needle felting and woodworking. Our club has been on a journey of learning new skills.
Exciting News! Little Falls 4-H is gearing up for a community service project with a local nursing home. We’re excited to bring the joy of arts and crafts to the residents to participate along the side of us.

Nature Kids – Leader Jackie Lipsky

December we made about 60 Evergreen arrangements and delivered them to helpers and people who needed cheering up.
Our Club’s theme this year is Fitness, First Aid and Adventure.   We’re making first aid kits and doing team challenges.

S.T.A.M.P.S – Leader Alicia Paley

Our club consists of homeschool members. We meet every Wednesday from 1-3 pm at the North Berwick Recreational Center.  We do occasionally skip a week if we have a lot of sick people or the weather is bad.  STAMPS stands for Science, Technology, Arts, Mechanics, and Public Speaking. We do a little bit of all of these things. Our first two or three meetings, the members brainstorm and decide on a schedule for the year, so what we are doing is based on what we decided at the beginning of the year. The schedule is flexible, so we do make changes based on other events, availability, etc.

York County Beef Club – Leaders Ann Boucher, Diane Qualey

York County Shepherds – Leaders Donna Flint, Kristi Maling

Volunteer and Leader News

Next Leader Association Meeting:

Monday February 6th at 6:30 p.m. at the Extension Office and via Zoom.

Zoom link: https://maine.zoom.us/j/82699567958?pwd=R3Uxc2xoa3BpQmNHK1hhQXhUVTVFUT09

Volunteer Training Refresher at Springvale Library, March 19th 5-6:30pm

Are you a new 4-H volunteer interested in learning more about being an effective club leader? Are you an experienced volunteer needing a refresher on 4-H policies and practices? This training refresher is for you! Whether you have been volunteering for 6 months or 30 years, this refresher will give you the knowledge and tools you need to ensure you are giving youth the best 4-H experience. 4-H parents who are considering becoming volunteers are welcome to attend as well.

We will spend some time going over the basics (ie annual forms, participation in annual events, and safety procedures), reviewing newer forms and resources, and we will have plenty of time for questions, feedback, and ideas! Come ready to share your experiences and learn something new! Dinner will be provided. Please complete the Volunteer Training Refresher Registration form by March 5th. 

Upcoming Dates and Events

February 1, 2024       Eastern States Dog, Goat and Sheep Intent to Participate at Eastern States forms due. Date subject to change!

February 17, 2024    Maine State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl

February 17, 2024    Eastern States Dairy Intent to Participate at Eastern States forms due

March 1, 2024           Maine 4-H Foundation Scholarship applications due to the Extension Office. Mailed applications must be postmarked by March 1st.

March 1, 2024           Fryeburg Fair “Intent to sell” Market Lamb forms due in the Extension office.

March 9, 2024           York County 4-H Public Speaking Tournament. Time and location TBD

March 20, 2024         Citizenship Washington Focus information due to County Office.

April 1, 2024              Deadline for new member enrollments. Any youth not previously enrolled in 4-H has until April 1st to submit completed enrollment forms in order to participate in fairs and statewide events (not including National 4-H trips).

April 1, 2024              Independent members only: Progress report due to the Extension Office.

April 1, 2024              Eastern States Horse approval forms/lease forms due in county office.

April 6, 2024              Maine State 4-H Public Speaking Tournament

April 19-24, 2024      National 4-H Conference trip to Washington, D.C.

State News

February, 2024

Solar Eclipse Coming to Maine!

On April 8th, 2024 Maine will experience a full solar eclipse. The last time Maine experienced this was in 1963, and the next one won’t be until 2079!

How we react and experience solar eclipses today may look different from the past and/or across cultures. The oldest known recorded eclipse is in 3340 B.C.E. based on petroglyphs found in Ireland. Around 1200 B.C.E scribes in China recorded experiences of eclipses, which later helped scientists calculate the speed of Earth’s spin. In some cultures it is believed that the sun is being eaten by a creature, as the beginning stages of an eclipse look like a bite has been taken out. For some, a solar eclipse is seen as a rebirth and for others it represents a scary, uncertain time and they do not go outside. Learn more about the history of eclipses.

Whether you are creating new eclipse traditions or following generational experiences, you can find helpful information for eclipse safety guidelinesand preparing audiences.

See “Total Eclipse Prep Party for 4-H Volunteers” to learn more about how you can participate!

Maple Sugaring 101: From Sap, to Syrup, to Sales
Not long after the New Year celebrations have ended and Maine hunkers down for several more weeks of winter, some farmers and landowners across the state turn their attention to maple sugar season. Depending on the weather, maple trees start to release their sweetness anytime between February and April and there’s a lot of work to be done to prepare for collecting the sap and boiling it down into syrup.

Maple Sugaring 101 is a 6-week program open to Maine youth ages 9 to 15 who are interested in learning about the entire maple sugaring process. Participants will learn about forest management, tapping trees, transporting sap, using an evaporator, grading and storing syrup, and operating a maple sugaring business.

Each week, participants will learn about the process and connect with other young maple sugar makers through online meetings and in-person workshops led by Extension and University of Maine experts. Online meetings are scheduled for Wednesday evenings: February 7, February 14, and February 28. On-site workshops will be held at participating sugarhouses following the virtual sessions.

Club leaders who would like to have their club participate in this program, please contact your 4-H County Professional or Andrew Hudacs by Monday, January 29, 2024: hudacs@maine.edu, (207) 581-8204.

Youth who are interested in the program but are not a member of a participating club are welcome to register.  Travel beyond their home county may be required to attend onsite sessions. Registration ends: February 5, 2024.

Volunteer Connections- Be a Positive Communicator
Tuesday, February 13, 6:30-8:00pm (virtual via ZOOM)
This session will focus on how to use positive communication strategies to manage difficult conversations or conflict with others. Learn about constructive responses, and conciliatory gestures and how they can be used to de-escalate conflicts.

Volunteer Connections offer monthly ZOOM calls for 4-H volunteers from the entire Northeast region. Join us to connect and learn with and from other 4-H volunteers! It’s free, but you must register Sign up today and invite a friend-we hope to see you there.

Total Eclipse Prep Party for 4-H Volunteers
On April 8, 2024, parts of Maine will experience a total solar eclipse- and this won’t happen for another 20 years! A total solar eclipse happens when the moon lies exactly between the sun and the Earth, casting its shadow on a small patch of the Earth’s surface. Does the idea of a total solar eclipse light your spark? Are you interested in learning more about it and sharing your excitement with youth? If so, we want you to join us!

    • When: Thursday, March 7, 2024, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
    • Where: We’ll be at the University of Maine campus in Orono, starting at the Lafayette and Rawcliffe 4-H Science and Engineering Learning Center. Address: 491 College Avenue, Orono, and then heading to the Versant Power Astronomy Center & Jordan Planetarium Address:167 Rangeley Rd., Orono.
    • What do I need to bring? We want you to bring a friend, a colleague, a neighbor, a parent from your 4-H club… a SUN-BUDDY! This person doesn’t have to be an enrolled 4-H volunteer, but someone that is excited about the total eclipse and would like to share their enthusiasm and help you do ONE activity with youth prior to, or on April 8th. You could plan to do an activity with your club, at your Extension office, at a library, in a classroom or maybe with a homeschool group- it’s totally up to you!
    • What are we going to do at the Total Eclipse Prep Party? We will feed you dinner, take you to a show at the University of Maine Jordan Planetarium, do a hands-on activity with you, help you and your “sun-buddy” plan your activity and have materials, supplies and resources available for you to take.
    • Why should you participate? This will be a fun in-person evening with other people who have a common interest, you will get to enjoy dinner on us (pizza and salad), and the opportunity to learn more about the total eclipse! You will also receive free materials to implement activities, solar eclipse viewing glasses, AND a t-shirt!
    • Cost: The event is free, but registration is required and space is limited.
    • Registration: Register here! Registration deadline:February 16, 2024


Tidepool Immersion Discovery + Ecology Workshop Series
The 4-H Tidepool Immersion Discovery + Ecology Workshop Series will explore the intertidal zone and help with marine science research! In this workshop, we will learn about animals you might find during low tide and use some amazing equipment to take awesome pictures on your phone to identify them. Along the way, we’ll learn about invasive species, climate change, species identification, and how you can participate in research. University of New England graduate students Emily and Sam will lead the workshop. An optional in person field day exploring tide pools is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th.

  • Dates: Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00, April 9, 2024 through May 11th.
  • Ages 13-18
  • Most activities will be held via Zoom. Materials will be provided and shipped directly to participants before the workshop. In-person field day scheduled in South Portland on April 13th (rain date April 14th). Participants will be asked to visit the ocean at least once, at low tide, during this series. Facilitators: Emily L. and Sam B.
  • Preregistration is required by March 27, 2024.

Come to Work at Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove!
Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove are now hiring for our spring and summer seasons! Positions include Educators, Counselors, Trip Leaders, and more. Please visit our website at umaine.edu/tanglewood/employment/ for more information and to apply.

Young Explorers Early Childhood Enrichment
Young Explorers at Blueberry Cove, our new early childhood enrichment program, is accepting registrations for 2024! The program focuses on play, sensory learning, and developing social skills in an outdoor setting. Explorers spend time with our camp animals, play at the forest and beach, and read stories. Ages 3 – 5, M, W, & F from 9 am – 12 pm. More information: umaine.edu/tanglewood/st-george-school-programs/young-explorers-day-program/.

4-H Volunteer Workshops for the 2023-2024 4-H Year
We invite you to participate in our 4-H Volunteer Connections virtual workshops! Join other 4-H volunteers from the North East region to learn, share and engage with one another on a variety of topics related to 4-H. All workshops are free and offered via Zoom in the evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Topics include:
February 13 – Be a Positive Communicator
March 12 – Finding Space for Mental Wellness in Every Program
April 9 – Animal Science: Strong Relationships and Sportsmanship

Click hereto register now! Come to one or come to all! We look forward to connecting with YOU!

4-H Tick Project
The 4-H Tick Projectis a community science project engaging K-12 youth and educators, made possible through a partnership between 4-H Youth Development, UMaine Cooperative Extension Tick Lab, Maine Forest Tick Survey, and members of the Learning Ecosystems Northeast The project provides youth an opportunity to explore ticks and tick-borne diseases, which is a connected story of climate, ecosystem change, and public health.

All educators interested in teaching about ticks in Maine are encouraged to participate in the project at no cost to you. This is a great project for 4-H clubs, SPIN clubs, homeschool groups, and more. For more information and to register, visit the 4-H Tick Project webpage.

Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF)
CWF will be held on June 20-27, 2024 in Washington DC.  We have reserved space for 15 Maine delegates. The cost will be in the area of $1200 + or -.  We will most likely fly and will be staying at a different hotel than in the last couple of years.  Be sure to connect with your county office and let them know your interest.  They in turn will correspond, on behalf of their entire county to me.   **They also will know if there is additional help in funding the trip through your county. A big “Thank You” to The Maine 4-H Foundation for significantly funding this incredible trip.  (County Offices, Heidi Palmer will need your delegate names by March 20, 2024). This trip is amazing and very well known and liked.  This trip will be on a first come basis.  There are limited spaces as the program is only being run for 1 additional week from our spoken week. So only two weeks total.  An orientation will be planned as we get closer and will be on the website and communicated to candidates directly.  If you need more information, you can check the CWF UMaine website in early January, or email, Heidi Palmer:   heidi.thoutte@maine.edu.

ESE 4-H Dairy Intent Forms
The 2024 Maine 4-H Dairy Eastern States intent to participate form is available online at https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/dairy/. In order to be eligible for participation on the Maine 4-H Dairy Eastern States Team this fall, 4-H members must submit their completed intent form online or to the Waldo County Cooperative Extension office before February 17, 2024. Please contact Sadee Mehuren at mehuren@maine.eduor 207.342.5971 with any questions.

2024 Maine 4-H Dairy Quizbowl Contest
The Maine 4-H Dairy Quizbowl contest will be held on February 17th at the UMA Randall Student Center in Augusta, ME. The contest consists of a general knowledge exam, individual questions, and buzzer questions. The contest will serve as the official tryout for the Maine 4-H Dairy Quizbowl Team that will represent Maine 4-H at ESE this fall. All 4-H dairy project members ages 9-18, regardless of whether or not they wish to try out for the quizbowl team, are invited to participate. Contestants will be divided into two age divisions, Jr.’s ages 9-11 and Sr.’s ages 12-18. In the event of inclement weather on the 17th, the event will be rescheduled for February 24th.

For a complete set of rules for the contest, study materials, and directions to the venue please visit https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/dairy/. For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation please contact Sadee Mehuren at mehuren@maine.edu.