Fryeburg Fair Regulations for Market Steers and Market Lambs

Regulations for “Intent to Sell “ Market Steers and Market Lambs at Fryeburg Fair, open to Maine and New Hampshire 4-H members.

These regulations are for 4-H Members intending to enter and potentially sell at Fryeburg Fair. 4-H members need to send in the appropriate Intent to Participate Form, a bill of sale, and a photo of the animal to their county 4-H Office by the deadlines below.

  1. Market Steers must be owned and in possession by the 4-H’er by December 31st.
    1. Send Intent to Sell Form for Market Steers, the original bill-of-sale, and a picture of your animal (front and side view) to the county 4-H office by December 31, 2021. County staff have until January 15, 2022, to send the forms to the state office. The ear tag number must be on the bill of sale. Please make a copy of all forms prior to sending.
    2. Approval forms for steers must have the “840” RFID electronic ID or metal USDA ear tag. This number should be entered on your intent form as well.
  1. Market Lambs must be owned and in possession of 4-H’er by June 1, 2022.
    1. Send Intent to Sell Form and bill of sale or value of animal to your county office by June 10th. County staff have until June 15, 2022 to send the forms to the state office.
    2. Scrapie tag numbers must be included on the bill of sale or value statement.
  2. A 4-H’er may not substitute a different animal for these market classes once the steer or lamb is recorded. No exceptions will be considered.
  3. All projects must be the work of the 4-H member.
  4. The Market Animal project must be raised on your home premises or within a 30-35 mile radius. Projects outside of this radius must receive an exemption from the local Extension Office and Fryeburg Fair.
  5. 4-H members can tag and identify only one market steer and /or one market lamb for the Fryeburg Fair.

All the market animal paperwork must be sent from the county office to the State 4-H Office, 491 College Ave., Orono ME 04473  or emailed to by January 15th for steers and June 15th for lambs.  County 4-H Staff if the 15th is a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday then the first business day following the 15th.

  1. You will fill out your own animal approval form.  On your approval form, you must designate “Fryeburg sale” in the “Show Class” column and include the “RFID or scrapie ID – (entire number).
  2.  In the event that an animal loses its’ tag, you will need to contact Fryeburg Fair ( or Donna Flint at 207- 651-0916. Sample of tags are below.
Cattle RFID “840” tag example
Cattle RFID “840” Tag  Example
Scrapie Tag Example
Scrapie Tag Example