Rules for Cloverbuds

Cloverbud rules - complete text belowA reminder of the rules surrounding Cloverbuds

Maine’s Cloverbud program provides fun, participation, love of learning, the experience of success, an introduction to all of the 4-H curriculum areas, and a chance to develop on-going relationships with adults and older teens beyond the family.

  1. Participating in Fairs
    Cloverbuds may not show any animals competitively in 4-H classes at Maine fairs or other 4-H events. Eight year old members may participate in a non-competitive “demonstration show.” Five through Seven year olds may participate in a clinic, skill-a-thon, or other educational activity with one-on-one adult supervision with adults or older teens with at least three years experience maintaining primary control of the animal.  This means that Cloverbuds may not participate in a Junior class. They must be in a demonstration class of their own.
  2. Demonstrations
    One-on-one supervision by an adult or experienced older teen who maintains ultimate control of the animal is required any time a five through eight year old is working with any animal regardless of size.
  3. Approval Forms
    Because Cloverbuds do not do projects, they do not have project animals and are not permitted to have Animal Approval Forms.
  4. Safety
    In order to insure the safety of both the child and the animal, whenever 4-H Cloverbud members have direct contact with animals, the contact must take place with direct one-on-one assistance from a responsible, parent, volunteer, or experienced older teen who has ultimate control of the animal. The parent, volunteer, or teen must be with the child at all times when the child is in contact with the animal regardless of the size of the animal.

All information can be found at Cloverbud Policies.