Volunteer Standards of Behavior

University of Maine Cooperative Extension Volunteer Standards of Behavior

UMaine Extension Volunteer Standards of Behavior Form: Word | PDF

As a trained UMaine Extension volunteer, while I am representing the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, I will:

  1. treat all program participants, volunteers, Extension staff, others and myself with respect and consideration.
  2. work cooperatively with other volunteers, families and Extension staff/colleagues.
  3. model courteous behavior at all times.
  4. not share confidential information except as authorized or required by policy or law.
  5. treat program areas, lodging areas and transportation vehicles with respect.
  6. agree not to use alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs at any UMaine Extension event.
  7. commit no illegal or abusive act.
  8. not violate the sexual harassment policy of the University of Maine System.
  9. report progress and potential problems to Extension staff. Potentially illegal acts should bereported immediately to both Extension staff and the authorities.
  10. participate in required volunteer training programs and follow the stated policies and procedures.
  11. handle any money, animals, machinery, equipment, vehicles or other UMaine Extension property that has been entrusted to me in a safe and responsible manner.
  12. report all unsafe conditions and accidents to Extension staff/colleagues as soon as possible.
  13. comply with state, federal and University equal opportunity and non-discrimination laws andguidelines; I will not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, including transgender status or gender expression, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, genetic information or veteran’s status.
  14. notify my county Extension staff/colleagues if I am unable to complete an assignment, uncomfortable with an assignment, or if I need to resign.
  15. not use my status as an Extension volunteer for personal or business financial gain.Standards of Behavior Agreement

I have read and understand the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Volunteer Behavior Standards. I understand and agree that my actions and decisions affect me as well as others. Any action on my part that contradicts any portion of these standards may result in the loss of privileges as a volunteer or could be grounds for suspension and/or termination of my status with the UMaine Extension Program as a volunteer. I will conduct myself in accordance with the intent of the Standards of Behavior. I will accept the appropriate and logical consequences of any actions if I fail to do so.



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